Looking at life through rose-colored glasses...

Looking at life through rose-colored glasses…

Hello World! My name is Yanelle Dugar also known as UnBelievable Jones among other aliases, SHHHHH! And this is

Looking at life through rose-colored glasses (seeing the world as pleasant or past experiences as only happy and pleasant) has helped me navigate this beautiful planet we humans call EARTH.

My youth was riddled with unpleasantries, however, I kept dreaming, setting goals, and giving thanks for all that came my way knowing, that it was for the betterment of my character. And I can honestly say, I had a good child-hood because I remember all of the positive aspects and so little of the negative.

Because of my rose-colored glasses I have time to appreciate – birds soaring in the air, a sunny day, a beautiful flower, the sound of a child’s laugh, and a smile from stranger and friend alike.

Thanks for visiting and please remember to BREATHE and SAVE MY WORLD…

Ciao, Until Next Time

Ciao, Until Next Time

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