Shim Sham Shimming in Harlem, NY circa 2011

Shim Sham Shimming in Harlem, NY circa 2011

HELLO WORLD! My  name is Yanelle Dugar aka UnBelievable Jones, among other aliases! SHHHHH! And this is

I can’t stop thinking about how much I learned while in Harlem.  I learned the importance of improvising, teamwork, being an individual yet being adaptable and welcoming, being ready to sing without a rehearsal, the power of healing via music – live music, and above all of this, I learned how to shim sham with legends who helped to spread this dance form throughout Harlem and Europe.

One of the main precepts of the shim sham shimmy is that it is to be performed as a group, not individually.  Again, there is a recurring theme – the importance of working together, being a team, being a collective, BEING UNIFIED.  The youth learning from the more mature, the more mature learning from the youth, there is no separation, only togetherness.

So please forgive me for my delayed post (I like to post once a month).  I have been processing where I am in my life and seeking that collective relationship within myself and within others.

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